Welcome to Allison Kay Designs. 

BEGINNING! Since being home full time because of Covid, I wanted to craft more and bought a cricut. Then, I decided I wanted to make these very hard working teachers at my son's school cups with their names on them. Days and hours I spent playing with the vinyl and cut pressure. I even finally created a YouTube account to watch video after video. I know, I know, I am extremely late to the YouTube game.

Then one day this summer I thought to myself, I should create my own planner. I looked at my makeshift desk and saw the 4 planners that I have been using and trying. None of these are everything I want. So here I go and started Allison Kay Designs. 

I still love crafting though. Allison Kay Designs will be a mix of paper products and handmade items. 

I want Allison Kay Designs to be products that help people and items that bring people joy. Smiles was my nickname in highschool and smiles is what I want people to have when getting these products. 

If you have products you are looking for, please reach out to me allisonkayplans@gmail.com

As for that planner, look for it to be out in mid 2021!